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With an exponential increase in the use of mobile devices among the general public and commercial enterprises, smart phone applications are becoming widely in practice across domains.

In order to reach out to all customer types, product companies release their applications in multiple platforms and devices including Ios, Android, Windows, Mac  and others.In order to ensure the quality of delivery it imperative that application is tested thoroughly across platforms and devices before release.

With various operating systems versions  and infinite devices in the market, mobile application testing can be a huge challenge.

At OPAL we are specialized in devising Mobile Testing Strategy by empowering various optimization techniques for devices,OS,form factor,manufacture and driven by  our extensive process and domain driven testing we ensure quality of Mobile application delivery every time.

Different types of testing we carry out as part of mobile testing are

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Accessibility Testing

​As Manual testing across various OS and devices is time consuming and difficult to accomplish in short duration test cycles,at OPAL we have designed Mobile Test Automation frame work that  handles various Mobile platforms like Native,Hybrid and browser based application.We adopt script one's and execute across devices approach as part of our reuseability.

Test optimization based on device penetration

Mobile device lab set with Physical devices,Emulators and Simulators

Mobile Test Experts with vast domain specific experience

Proven Mobile Test Automation Framework